MOTORSPORT SC 550/580/600

Camaro Motorsport introduces a performance package for the 2010 Camaro V8 using the TVS 2300 Supercharger technology, the same used for the new ZR1 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor features a high-twist 160º helix that has improved efficiency (less power to drive), cooler discharge temperatures and is much quieter. The Motorsport Supercharger System comes complete with a new, patented high-velocity aluminium intake manifold, integral water-to-air intercooler, and all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and any needed specialized tools. The Supercharger (2.3 Liter) has a self-contained lubrication system that is maintenance-free. And it gets great gas mileage due to its internal bypass valve that uses only (0.5) horsepower while coasting on the interstate. Yes, the A/C uses more horsepower than the Supercharger.

The Motorsport Supercharger increases your 2010 Camaro to +550 hp. The torque of +700 Nm will allow you to shred your tires in almost any gear. You have the authority to demean any opponent at the drop of your foot. We recommend that you pair this system with our Cold Air Intake & Cat Back exhaust system to boost up to approx. 580 hp and for the absolute speed freaks we install our Motorsport Exhaust Headers for even more unbelievable gains easily up to 600 hp.

The Supercharger is a four-lobe, high-helix Roots blower which boosts an LS3 starting from 426 hp up to 600.

Available for engines 6.2 V8 Manual LS3 6.2 V8 L99 Automatic
Finishing Black shrink coating
Installation Fits under the original hood / bonnet
Torque (Nm) and Horsepower starting at* 550 hp @ 6400 rpm & 735 Nm @ 4000 rpm

* Horsepower and torque figures are slightly lower on L99 engine with automatic transmission vs. LS3 engine with manual gearbox

Motorsport SC 600 package Dyno results in combination with the L99 engine & 6 speed paddle shift automatic gearbox*

* Horsepower and torque figures are slightly lower on L99 engine with automatic transmission vs. LS3 engine with manual gearbox

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Turn heads with your new cat-back exhaust to provide a great sound to your Camaro. Enjoy the deep rumble sound without having the drone associated with bolt-on mufflers. They are lighter in weight and flow better than factory exhaust. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this exhaust frees up horsepower and sounds awesome.

Exhaust Headers

Our Exhaust Headers has come through with a powerful upgrade for the 2010 Camaro. We have tested them to be worth 30hp without tune, and 50hp when combined with Dyno tuning. The are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Includes the headers, high- flow catalytic converters, and X-pipe.

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intakes provide significantly more airflow and increase horsepower. The system retains all factory sensors so it won’t cause any problems with your engine management. It comes with a washable and reusable filter element instructions and all the hardware for easy installation.

Bilstein Suspension

Recently we have developed our line of Bilstein Coilover suspension for the 2010 Camaro. Through extensive road course testing, we you the best feel and handling available. The design allows you to set the ride height for an aggressive stance and precisely balance the car for how you drive it. The shocks are firm enough to tackle any road course or mountain drive, and gentle enough to provide comfortable street manners for everyday cruising.

Torsion / Sway Bars

Our Motorsport team has developed these custom swaybars to help improve the handling of the new 2010 Camaro. They feature adjustable end points for those who like to fine tune the balance for the ultimate in performance.

Lowering Springs

Our engineers have done extensive road course testing to offer you the best feel and handling available. Our kits are great for a enhance look of your vehicle with a lower centre of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling on road courses, mountain driving, and everyday cruising. These springs lower the vehicle 3.5 cm in the front and 3.25 cm in the rear. The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make the vehicle more streamlined. If you are only looking to improve one part of your vehicle’s suspension, you cannot go wrong with installing these sport springs.

Short Shifter

The standard Camaro shifter has many rubber components that numb the performance feel. Camaro Motorsport has engineered the Short Shifter with better materials, shorter throw, and a better overall feel. Now you can confidently go through the gears with confidence and precision. The throw is reduced by approximately 25% and a HUGE improvement in feel. It feels like a 1000% improvement. The kit includes the hardware to convert the shifter and its internal hardware with the highest quality components, while retaining the factory housing. Installation of the shifter requires the transmission to be lowered slightly to remove and install the shifter assembly. The new shifter is designed to use the stock shift knob or an aftermarket knob.

Rear Spoiler

Our aerodynamic department has released an awesome addition for your Camaro. It provides real downforce and looks awesome. The spoiler is made in paintable composite and fits to the rear deck of your trunk without any drilling as it used the same holes of your 2SS or RS rear spoiler. The height is 10 cm and followes the shape and curves of the vehicle.

Carbotech Brake Pads

GM equipped the Camaro with a fantastic Brembo calliper, but the brake so much. When we first tested our Camaro, we immediately noticed the brake fade present after our first 15 minute track session. If you plan on carving up some mountain roads, or living like a track star, please upgrade to these brake pads. The new compound is a high performance street compound that is our most successful compound. It is known for its awesome release and modulation, along with unmatched rotor friendliness. It has outstanding performance, even when cold. It is low dusting and low noise with an excellent initial bite. Direct replacement for stock street pads.

2010 Camaro Motorsport Packages & Parts

Motorsport SC 550 Supercharger System

Motorsport SC 580 Supercharger System

Motorsport SC 600 Supercharger System

Cold Air Induction

Short Shifter Upgrade

Exhaust Header System

Sway / Torsion bars

Coilover Suspension, hight adjustable

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Performance Brake Pads (F & R)

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Carbotech Brake Pads

Lowering Springs


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